The Five Eternal Guidelines of the Soka Gakkai

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ISBN 9789382026938
Imprint Eternal Ganges
Pages 92
Language English
Binding Paperback
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About the Book

A harmonious family, happiness and success, good health and long life, the confidence to tackle all obstacles and victory in all endeavours are universal human desires. The Five Eternal Guidelines of the Soka Gakkai are your means for achieving them:

* The family and home are the building blocks of a prosperous society and by basing our practice on Faith for a Harmonious Family, we can achieve harmony and happiness in the family and thereby society.

*The basic aim of Nichiren Buddhism is for every individual to achieve lasting happiness and Faith for Achieving Happiness tells us how.

*Faith for Overcoming Obstacles shows us how to transform obstacles into opportunities for growth by treating adversity as mission

* Faith for Health and Long Life: By dedicating our lives to the welfare of others, following a sensible and healthy lifestyle and fighting illness with resolve and faith, we can overcome all heath challenges

*Practising with the same determination as our mentor is the key to Faith for Absolute Victory. By making kosen-rufu the ultimate purpose of all our prayers and actions, we can tap the limitless wisdom, courage and strength that are inherent in our lives, making the impossible possible

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