To my dear friends of the youth division

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ISBN 9788193905593
Imprint Eternal Ganges
Pages 86
Language English
Binding Paperback
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About the Book

This book is a compilation of five of Ikeda Sensei’s motivating Gosho lectures from the Study Lecture Series, ‘The Buddhism of the Sun – Illuminating the World: To My Dear Friends of the Youth Division’. Addressed to members of the youth division, the lectures are just as relevant and inspirational for all other divisions, featuring Sensei’s invaluable, empowering and practical guidance on the topics – Courage, Invincible Spirit, Successors, Humanism and Kosen-rufu.

From teaching us about the spirit of gratitude and enabling us to realize our own potential, to directing us how to work with others in harmony and trust and persevering and winning against all odds, the lectures are the blueprints to a new phase of transformation in the lives of each one of us, leading us all towards creating a New Self, a New Age and a New India.  

The five lectures, carried individually in the VC from December 2018 to April 2019, are presented together in reader-friendly and contemporary style with heart-warming photographs of Ikeda Sensei.

This book is the third in the study lecture series ‘The Buddhism of the Sun – Illuminating the World, the other two being —The Five Eternal Guidelines of the Soka Gakkai and Faith, Practice and Study & Basing Ourselves on the Writings of Nichiren Daishonin.

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