New Human Revolution Vol-13

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ISBN 9789380437033
Imprint Eternal Ganges
Pages 384
Language English
Binding Paperback
Price  350.00    

About the Book

In This Volume The Protagonist Shin'Ichi Yamamoto(Daisaku Ikeda'S Pen Name) Begins By Analysing The Underlying Reasons For The Deadlocked Relations Between China And Japan In The Post World War Ii Era. In An Environment Marked By Mistrust And Suspicion, Shin'Ichi Put Forward His Historic Proposal For The Normalisation Of Relations Between Japan And China In A Speech To Student Division, Recongnising That Open Dialogue And Grassroots Exchange In The Field Of Culture And Education Are Crucial, And That Youth Have A Key Role To Play. The Seeds That Shin'Ichi Had Sown And Nurtured With Care Finally Flowered In 1972 With The Restoration Of Diplomatic Relations Between The Two Nations.


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