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New Human Revolution Volume -30  (Part -2)

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ISBN 9788195403943
Imprint Eternal Ganges
Pages 504
Language English
Binding Paperback
Price  380.00    

About the Book

“Who has been that one disciple? Who has given his life to spreading Nichiren Buddhism around the world, just as Mr Toda taught? I am proud and confident to say that I am that one disciple” 

“As long as you are walking the path of lions, the path of mentor and disciple, I am completely confident that worldwide kosen-rufu is solid and secure” 

– Daisaku Ikeda –

SGI President Daisaku Ikeda’s conclusion to his 30-volume series of The New Human Revolution sees the “lion of Soka”, achieving ‘spiritual independence’ for the Soka Gakkai, while building bridges of friendship with world leaders to sow the seeds of worldwide kosen-rufu for the future.

Chapters inside: ‘Bells of Dawn’ (concluding part), ‘Cheers of Victory’, ‘Vow’


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