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The Human Revolution Vol.04-06

ISBN 9788190477635
Imprint Eternal Ganges
Pages 496
Language English
Binding Paperback
Price  375.00    

About the Book

“Kosen-Rufu Is The Greatest, Most Unprecedented Undertaking. The Struggle For This Goal Will Be Carried Out In All Spheres Of Society. Ours Will Be A Multi-Layered Movement, Embracing Politics, Economics, Culture, Education And Everything Else. We Can Win In Everything If We Have Strong Faith.” Josei Toda Dedicates His Energies And Efforts To Realising His Mission For Kosen-Rufu. While Courageously Confronting Business Hardships In Post-War Japan, He Rebuilds And Strengthens The Soka Gakkai. He Launches Daibyakurenge, The Study Journal In 1949 And Seikyo Shimbun In 1951 And Undertakes The Compilation And Publication Of The Gosho, The Collected Writings Of Nichiren Daishonin, To Mark The 700Th Centennial Of The Establishment Of Nichiren Buddhism. Driven By The Historic Pledge Of Introducing 750,000 Households To Nichiren Buddhism, Toda Leads The Organisation'S Activities And Oversees Its Spread To Other Areas Of Japan. He Establishes The Women'S, Young Men'S And Young Women'S Divisions As Well As The Study And Planning Department. The Human Revolution Has Been Widely Read Throughout The World And Has Been Published In Many Languages, Including Chinese, Korean, French, German, Spanish And Portuguese. In 2000, The Human Revolution Was Adjudged The Best Book Of The Century By The Writers Forum For Harmony Of India.


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