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The Human Revolution Vol.07-08

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ISBN 9788190477642
Imprint Eternal Ganges
Pages 398
Language English
Binding Paperback
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About the Book

“The Journey To Spread
The Mystic Law Is Long,
Yet Encouraging Each Other,
We Continue Onward
Hand In Hand.”- Josei Toda
Between 1953 And 1954 The Soka Gakkai Grew At A Remarkable Rate, From A Strength Of 20,000 Households To A Fantastic 160,000 Households By November 1954. By This Time The Organisation Was Growing At The Rate Of 10,000 Households Each Month As A Result Of Josei Toda’S Well-Considered Leadership And Guidance.
Josei Toda Concentrated His Energies On Training Of Leaders At The Chapter And District Level, Lecturing On The Lotus Sutra And The Writings Of Nichiren Daishonin Each Week To Leaders As Well As New Believers. During This Period, He Also Established Special Training Groups Within The Young Women’S And Young Men’S Divisions – The Kayo-Kai And The Suiko-Kai, Respectively.
Each Afternoon At The Branch Office In Ichigaya, Toda Gave Guidance To Members Facing Enormous Problems Of All Kinds. With Parental Sincerity And Utter Conviction In Nichiren Daishonin’S Buddhism, Toda Inspired Members To Personally Obtain Actual Proof By Living Their Lives Based On The Lotus Sutra.

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