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The Human Revolution Vol.11-12

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ISBN 9788190719100
Imprint Eternal Ganges
Pages 558
Language English
Binding Paperback
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About the Book

Now, Let Us Set Out On A Journey Our Hearts Emboldened To Spread The Mystic Law To The Farthest Reaches Of India.. - Josei Toda
In 1957, Sensing That Both The Soka Gakkai And Himself, Are At A Turning Point, Josei Toda Focusses All His Energies On Propelling The Organization Towards The Attainment Of Kosen Rufu. With Shin’Ichi’S Support, The Members In Yubari Fight For Their Rights Against The Powerful Coal Miners Union..The Soka Gakkai Fields A Candidate For The April 1957 Special Election In Osaka. The Public Prosecutor’S Office In Osaka Arrests Shin’Ichi On July 3 On The False Charges Of Election Law Violations, The Very Day Toda Was Released From Prison 12 Years Earlier. In 1962 After A Long Trail Lasting Four –And –A Half Years, The Court Finds Shin’Ichi ‘Not Guilty’On September 8, 1957, Toda Makes His Historic Declaration For The Abolition Of Nuclear Weapons. At The End Of 1957, The Soka Gakkai Achieves Toda’S Goal Of 750,000 Households. In A Grand Ceremony At The Head Temple On March 16, 1958, Toda Entrusts The Mission Of Kosen- Rufu To Youth.On April 2, 1958, At The Age Of 58, Josei Toda Passes Away, Bringing To A Close A Life That Is An Example Of A Single Individual’S Sublime Human Revolution. Shin’Ichi Is Inaugurated As President On May 3. 1960 And Vows To Fight On In His Mentor’S Stead For The Sake Of World Peace And The Happiness Of Humankind.

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