Lotus Sutra Handbook

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ISBN 9789382026952
Imprint Eternal Ganges
Pages 182
Language English
Binding Paperback
Price  700.00    

About the Book

This book chronicles, through the centuries, the development and transmission of the Buddhist schools of thought that gave rise to the Lotus Sutra, spreading along the Silk Road, from India to the western, central, eastern and south-eastern regions of Asia.

Portrayed vividly through the photographs in this book, the powerful, hope-filled message of the Lotus Sutra shines forth — that every individual has the potential to become a Buddha and, transcending feelings of dejection and powerlessness, can blaze a trail to change their own fate.

Featuring photographs of rare and precious manuscripts of the Lotus Sutra and valuable, ancient documents, artefacts and relics, this book is a testimony to not only the works of brilliant scholars like Kumarajiva, T’ien-t’ai and Miao-lo, but also to the unknown and unsung artists and artisans who eternalized a valuable cultural heritage for humankind through their wisdom, faith and hope. Of particular interest are the spectacular wall paintings of the Dunhuang Caves which bring to life famous scenes from the parables narrated in the Lotus Sutra. Each parable portrays a key message for humanity.

We hope that this elegantly designed book gives rise to deep appreciation of the Lotus Sutra whose encouraging message for humanity is just as relevant today as it was during Shakyamuni’s time.   

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